Poppy is a lovely blue roan cocker from showing lines, very loving and friendly with everyone but a great escape artist, look around and she is behind you.  She has now retired to follow her passion, a life of eating as much as she can find.

Blue and Belle her two daughters have taken on her role.

Very sadly our beautiful little Poppy passed away on 08/04/2019 she is dearly missed.


Amber is a gorgeous golden roan, from working stock a stunning little lady. Always ready to please, superb nature, full of devoted fun.

Now passed on her role to her daughter Annie and become Simon's first mate.

Bva eye tested clear


Ruby is from feild trial stock, very fast and loving. She has numerous FT champians in her pedigree.

She is BVA eye tested clear and DNA FN clear

Ruby has now retired and will live here for ever.

Fudge and Caramel

Fudge and Caramel litter sisters lovely nature, ready for anything, want to play with all comers of any size.

Both BVA eye tested clear and DNA FN clear

Caramel  and Fudge have both retired.


Belle is Poppy's daughter.

KC registered show type Cocker BVA eye tested and DNA FN tested clear.




ANNIE is Amber's daughter

Annie is Amber's daughter.

BVA eye tested and DNA FN tested clear.



Boogey is Ruby's daughter.

KC registered. BVA eye tested and DNA FN tested clear.


Fern and Bracken are litter sisters, show type English Cockers.

Both BVA eye tested and DNA FN clear.



ECHO is Caramels daughter a soft natured lovely dog seen here on the right of Caramel.

BVA eye tested clear.

DNA FN clear


Pearl is Fudge's daughter and litter sister of Flo

BVA eye tested clear

DNA FN tested clear


Flo is daughter of Fudge and litter sister to Pearl

DNA FN tested clear

BVA eye tested clear

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