About Our Labradoodles
Flossy Bacardi and Loco's daughter

The Labradoodle is very affectionate, loveable and full of fun with a very low shedding wavy or scruffy coat that is tollerated by most allergy sufferers. Slightly smaller and lighter than the Labrador but staedier than the Spoodle or Cockerpoo.

Although regular grooming is needed not as much is required as the Cockerpoo. They are easy to train and very intelligent, enjoying going to training classes, socialising and love agillity. A dog that suits family life.


Marmite is Jessica and Fuzzy's daughter. BVA eye tested clear.

A very friendly character who loves everybody.


Bacardi and Fuzzy's daughter.

Whirl is always up for a game with anyone.

BVA eye tested clear.

Pignut enjoying life with his new family

Kerry and Teddy 

Are expecting a litter due on 2nd July 2019.

Please email for more information.

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