Jessie Dark Chocolate Labrador

Jessie at approx 4 months always ready for a game.


Sadly jessica passed away on 11/1/2020 she is very sadly missed.

Ivy Cream Labrador

Ivy with her first litter of lovely dark chocolate pups, can you spot Jessie? 3rd from left

Sadly Ivy passed away on 22/3/2018 she is very sadly missed

Our Labrador family
Image 1

"Two generations of the Labrador tribe with new member Breezer our new stud dog in waiting.

Pictured from left to right:


ivey has just retired

Ebony mother to wonkie and grandmother to daisy and lilly.

Sadly Ebony passed away on 22/02/2018 and was followed by her sister soon after

daisy, fly & lilly summer 2011 after a long game

jessica daughter to ivey, 1/2 sister of wonkie

Wonky daughter to ebony, 1/2 sister to jessica and mum to daisy and lilly.

Sadly Wonky passed on the 28/08/2017


bicardie daughter to breezer


Chloe is Lillies older daughter.

BVA eye clear, HIPS 4/6


Kerry is Lillies younger daughter and Chloe's younger sister.

BVA eye clear, HIPS 6/7 Elbow 0


Razzle & Dazzle are daisy's daughters.

Both BVA eye tested clear.

Razzle's HIPS 5/7 Elbow 0

Dazzle HIPS 5/5 Elbow 0

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