Somerley Melody (Lucy)

Our first shepherd together and Great Great grandmother to some of the family. A real loving dog that loved all animals and mothered all the pupps.

Very sadly Lucy died in May 08, she is a dearly missed member of the family.

Risdonfarm Melody (Bounty)

Daughter of Lucy, sister to Hidey, Mother of Mary and Merle.

Risdonfarm Roseanne (Hidey)

Lucy''s daughter, Bounty''s sister.

Risdonfarm Delisys

Risdonfarm Delisys (Mary)

Bounty's daughter, Lucy's grandaughter.

Mother of Lucy (2nd)

Risdonfarm Remember Me (Saphire)

Saphire's parents are Ziggy and Merle, she is a very loyal and loving dog.

Risdonfarm Spirit of Hope

Spirit's parents are Ziggy and Lucy(2)

German Shepherds

Part of the family

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